Select a fitting name, create replaces of common variables for Generato's Placeholders, and upload your own Code as a Bundle into your private Library.

If you want to contribute your tech-stack or created service, get in contact with us via Intercom 👇or E-Mail.

Upload existing Code-Files as Templates  🏗️

Click on Import Bundle in the Bundle Dashboard. This Feature is available only in our Premium Plans.

Give your Bundle a fitting name for the Dashboard and the Project-Configuration. You can edit the name later on.

Add common variables of your Project, e.g. its Name, the Name of a Entity or the Name of one Property.

These variables (left side) will be set to the placeholder (right side) you can define there. This placeholders could be  , ,  or  .
Look at the Information-Tree 🌳 to see all the accessible Placeholders.

Caution: The import can not detect loops or conditions, so you will have to insert them manually. 

Working in a team.

You can invite other team-members to this bundle, if you have subscribed to our Premium Plan.

Select and import the File-Directory here.

To produce the best Bundle possible, remove all of the unrelevant Files, like node_modules, before uploading it to Generato.

A confirmation of Chromium's Native-File-API will show up and you can select the desired file-directory.  This is a beta-feature, so you may have to activate it in the „:chrome//flags“-section.

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