Further Explanation and Onboarding

Sign-In to our Free Trial and visit the Project Section in Generato (Overview). Click the the Show Project Features Button in the Menu on top to run through our detailed Onboarding.

Create a new project

Welcome to your Dashboard! After logging in you will find yourself on your first Generato Page: The Project Dashboard. Here you can enter your existing projects, create new or start with our premade example projects.

To create a new project you can either use the Create Project button on the top left corner or duplicate one of our sample projects. In the Sample Project section you will find a variety of sample applications such as a CRM dashboard, a Food Order Management Demo or a Content Management System Demo. Just click on the respective tile and the project will clone itself to your project section.

The Project Dashboard

After creating a new or a predefined project you can start specifying project-wide information. For doing so, you can find several tabs. In the Overview tab you can specify basic information such as the name and the description of your project. 

Code-Configuration (Bundles and Templates)

You can select your bundles and templates (a bundle consists of several templates) in the Configuration tab. With the selection of a Bundle all included Templates will be added to their relevant sections of Generato. In the Template section you can either add further or remove already added project-wide templates. Every information declared in your project will then be transferred by Generato's Placeholder-Syntax into the relevant code. Learn more here.

Instructions to work with your Code

If you want to, you could document Installations in the respective tab in order to provide some guidance on how to use the given bundle.

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