Your user-settings can be found on the top right corner of your app-window.

Just click on your avatar picture and a pop-over window will show up. 


You can grant the file-access by clicking on the given Button.

Working with your Team

In order to enable Co-Working for teams, you can update and share your Organisation. 

Once your team members share the same Co-Working ID, you can create a new project or go to the dashboard of an existing one. In the Dashboard, navigate to the user tab and add your team-members via the "Select users" button. Same is valid for Bundles.

At the bottom of your profile window you can find several buttons that provide useful shortcuts. First of all you can find two feedback buttons: Take Survey and Report Feedback.

If you are reporting a bug, please keep in mind to provide your UserID and if possible the element ID.

The latter button allows you to quickly submit Feedback via our chat. We highly appreciate if you participate in our survey. It only takes 2 minutes and helps us tremendously.

Accordingly, you can easily restart the onboarding procedure in case you forgot some steps or simply want to discover all features of Generato again. Besides, you can easily access or administer your account and your corresponding data. Export your data, delete your account or simply log out using the respective shortcut button. 

In case you are experiencing an issue and are contacting the support team of Generato, please make sure to always add your user ID to all conversations. That way we can track down your error and solve your request faster. You can find your user ID at the very bottom of your profile window, next to your role.

Generato is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All Generato users can export their data (e.g. personal account information, organization information).

Export your account and data

From your account settings, you can export all the data stored on your Generato account. These data include:

  • User Information (PI Data)
  • Organization Data
  • Project Informations


Delete your account and data

You can delete your account in your account settings. Generato is compliant with the GDPR, when you delete your account, all your data will we erased/anonymized.

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