To generate source code you need to attach templates to your visual elements. To do so, you need to select one or more bundles in your project-settings. After the bundle-selection all templates that have the auto-add feature enabled will be added immediately. You can adjust the pre defined selection the templates you want to use for the elements: open one element and click on Templates. You will see a drop down list of all currently available templates.

It may appear, that the templates bring some custom parameters into the graph, which need to be filled out, before you accomplish the right code-result.

How do I generate my Code?

Just click on the button "Generate" on the right side of the menu-bar (only visible if you opened a project). Now the Chrome Native-File-Api will be initialized and you'll be asked to grant read- and write-access to a file-directory of your preference. If you checked everything right, your code will be generated in afterwards.

Can I generate only one Template?

You could do the same if you want to update only the changes one single Template, visit the "Bundle"-Section of the Application and select the bundle and then template you want to generate. Or just visit it from the template-selection in one project-component with the "inspect"-button. After the Template has loaded, click the button "Generate into Files" and only these components of your project which include the selected Template will be written into your file-system.

Can I generate only one Visual Component or the Project-Files?

You could do the same if you want to update only the changes one single Component (like one Entity or the Project-Files). The relevant button appears on every component right beside the save button on the bottom right corner.

Learn more about it here

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